Bacterial Genomics: Various Genomics Databases

Various Genomics Databases

KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) Database. Detailed information of metabolic pathways and functions, gene maps, for all sequenced organisms. A truly tedious and detailed work and a helpful database for research and teaching purposes.

Molecular Biology Database Collection

ACLAME is a database dedicated to the collection and classification of mobile genetic elements (MGEs) from various sources, comprising all known phage genomes, plasmids and transposons.

This database provides a list of insertion sequences isolated from eubacteria and archae. It is organised into individual files containing their general features (name, size, origin, family.....) as well as their DNA and potential protein sequences. Although most of the entries have been identified as individual elements, a growing number are included from their description in sequenced bacterial genomes.

BIGS. Bacterial targets

FusionDB is a database of bacterial and archaeal gene fusion events - also known as Rosetta stones.

Metagrowth. A database of "evidences" and "hypotheses" for the study of culture conditions of obligate parasitic bacteria.

RegulonDB is a database on mechanisms of transcription regulation, operon organization and knowledge on physiological conditions under which genes are induced or repressed in Escherichia coli K-12.