List of web resources generated during MICROGEN project


  • Whole genome assembly protocols - A clickable map shows some of the mayor programs used by MICROGEN members to assembly prokaryotic genomes from reads obtained by NGS platforms.
  • Pseudomonas genomic resources - Includes a database related to this genera.
  • In silico simulation of molecular biology techniques - This server allows the simulation of molecular biology techniques againts up-to-date sequenced prokaryotes. Additionaly, genomic information from each genome may be retrieved.
  • Genomic signatures - A web resource that allows to search the characteristic frequency of oligonucleotides (the genomic signature) in genomes or sequences from users and to compare them to genomic sequences of other sequenced prokaryotes, draft genomes and some preloaded metagenomes.
  • Perl scripts - Downloadable scripts for different tasks