Should I get rid of all oral bacteria?


‘The bacteria that cause colon cancer live in the mouth… There has been an article that says, ‘Prevention by just brushing your teeth well. According to the report, citing the results of a US study, there is a bacterium called Peugeot bacteria living in the mouth, and this bacteria descends into the large intestine and is a cause of colon cancer.

By the way, is all the bacteria in the mouth harmful, and should I get rid of all the germs by brushing my teeth and gargle? In conclusion, there are harmful bacteria in the mouth, but there are also beneficial bacteria, so there is no need to drive them out.

There are bacteria in the mouth that cause colon cancer, but there are also types of lactic acid bacteria that help digestion. Also, no matter how hard you brush your teeth or gargle, all the germs will not disappear.

However, if you are still afraid of it, you can contact this website to check your oral bacteria level. It is important to know that the bacteria in your mouth should be well balanced so that they do not adversely affect the body. Learn about oral bacteria that live in your mouth.

At least 350 species of bacteria and bacteria live in the mouth

At least 350 species of bacteria and bacteria live in our mouths.
First, let’s see what kind of things live in your mouth. It is known that at least 350 species of bacteria and viruses live in the mouth. This is said to be more than bacteria and viruses in feces.

Bacteria living in the mouth are diverse, such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Mutants, as well as Escherichia coli that cause food poisoning. It is known that 1cc of saliva contains about 1 billion bacteria.

Even people who take good care of their teeth are said to have bacteria from as little as 1,000 to as many as 100,000 per tooth. If the number of bacteria increases from 100 to 1 billion per tooth due to poor dental care, the likelihood of various diseases increases.

What are the oral bacteria?

In the typical oral bacteria, there is a bacterium called Mutants’ that causes tooth decay (dental caries). These bacteria live by feeding on the sugar remaining in the mouth, such as teeth and gums, and the excretion of these bacteria melts the teeth and causes dental caries.

Many bacteria cause periodontitis (gum disease). Gingivitis and Protensis also belong to this type of bacteria. They cause not only gum disease, but also osteoporosis.

Of these, the most virulent bacteria is Jinjibalis. It is known that Gingivalis not only causes gum disease but also causes arteriosclerosis while moving along blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

To prevent oral infections, you need to know where the virus in your mouth comes from

While kissing, there is a very high possibility of exchanging between 350 species and millions to tens of millions of bacteria.
The bacteria in the animal’s mouth were originally in the body of the prey, but in the process of being eaten, they entered the mouth and stayed in the animal’s mouth. People are similar. Besides, bacteria and viruses in the air also enter the human mouth and inhabit.

In particular, the main characteristic of bacteria in the human mouth is that contact with others is the main transmission pathway. The most common path is the hand. The entry of bacteria or viruses from the hand into the mouth was emphasized so often that no further explanation was needed.

However, the fact that expressions of affection between people also become a channel of infection between bacteria and viruses makes us embarrassed. In the past, when grandmothers fed their grandchildren, their digestive power was weak, so they could chew food and feed their babies. If food or spoons that have been in an adult’s mouth get into the baby’s mouth, tooth decay can be transmitted.

A bigger problem arises in the deep expression of affection between a man and a woman, namely the kiss. There is a very high possibility that millions to tens of millions of bacteria can be exchanged with each other with 350 species and numbers. At this time, the transferred bacteria are lurking in the mouth, and when oral health deteriorates, they are immediately exposed and cause tooth decay or periodontitis.

There is a saying,’ mouth is the gate of health’. You should take care of your oral health for yourself as well as your loved ones. Proper brushing and regular scaling should be done by default. Drinking clean water frequently to keep the moisture in your mouth properly is also good for oral health care.